Samantha brown travel channel

Samantha brown travel channel

You are located at someplace along an 800 meter stretch of a 14 kilometer underground river that springs up in the interior of the peninsula and evacuates into the sea. The lights come back on. Look around and watch the huge number of jagged-edged stalactites directed towards your head like the tips of poison Mayan arrows. It seems as if you are either in a different world or on the set of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. This is Rio Secreto.

Our estimable friends, Jim and Janet, were granted with free accesses to Rio Secreto while Jim was volunteering at Mayakoba. We have been talking about us all going for months, but could never seem to set up our schedules. Then unluckily attributing to medical troubles Jim and Janet could no more apply the tickets and afforded them to us. Not demanding the accesses to go in vain as they will expire this winter, we set up a trip this past Friday.

We were not actually aware about Samantha brown travel channel Rio Secreto more than it was another cave/underground adventure, and people like Samantha Brown from the Travels Channels and other famous persons had gone to the eco-park. Despite our deficiency of acquaintance we were prey to another raving experience.

Our day started like any other Friday in recent Samantha brown travel channel memory: we filled the car with friends, drove to the park and went along highly bumpy roads several miles into the jungle to the entrance to the cave. At the park we were offered free wetsuits, life jackets, water shoes and helmets with lights. Then we walked a few hundred feet back into the jungle to what seemed like no other cave we’ve experienced on the peninsula.

We were soon astonished at how dissimilar Rio Secreto is to other caves we’ve seen in. Rio Secreto looks like stalactites on steroids. I have never been to one place that has so many to show. Then the cave is totally dark – there is no artificial lighting, other than the light on your head, and no other groups – just you, your guide, and your group of up to 10 or so people, walking through an underground river 80 feet below the ground. The route was rather insidious: up and down, in and out of water sometimes above your head, crouching down to fit below low underpasses. Fortunately the land was not lubricious. It is surely not appropriate forthose with weak hearts or for anyone with health troubles. This is most certainly for those with a courageous Samantha brown travel channel personality.

At one point we got into a cavern that was full of big coral shapings which were really huge, I felt like a Samantha brown spec rolling among a reef in the sea. This was all ocean at some time millions of years before. We went along this river for about 1.5 hours, exploring just a minute part of this large subterranean aquatic highway. I can claim we have never seen such an impressive Samantha brown travel channel cave system so far in our time in Playa del Carmen.

What’s spectacular is that Rio Secreto was discovered just 4 years ago when this 80 year old man determined water vapor coming up from the ground. He started to dig, discovered the river, and then set drawings of the 1st kilometer himself, before introducing the river to the people just 2 years ago. So as to keep the system they have 3 tours which cover various paths along the river, and switch them throughout time, closing one and allowing others to keep off wear. Deficiency of lighting assists to keep away the growth of algae and keep up the mysterious underground mood. Through setting up small tours at 9am and 1pm, they distribute the river’s visitors helping in making you feel like you and your Samantha brown travel channel group are alone in the river, instead of running into other people several times.

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