Private air travel

Private air travel
1. Business Private Travelers/Business Owners/Corporate Officials & Senior Management

Those traveling for business, aged management and corporate officials are oftentimes the most frequent client infrastructure for corporate jet lease suppliers attributing to the high frequency of travels carried on by people in this section. The tasks assumed by individuals in this section are oftentimes intricate and demand private air travel not as an elegant or cozy, but instead as a requirement for business productivity and efficiency. For example, companies that demand traveling to three or five cities in just one day or those taking a group of people oftentimes turns that travel time into productive work time, discuss proprietary information en route and/or move products and services that can’t be assumed on commercial airlines. Paramount air Business Jets strives to market itself greatly to this section as these travelers oftentimes form and make up 29% of the aim market. Besides, as these travelers are oftentimes repeat consumers they are more probable to allow corporate accounts and apply Paramount Business Jet’s ‘Jet Card’ program instead of the on-demand lease service which assists to construct a more powerful client infrastructure and keeps up client loyalty.

2. Celebrities/Sports Personalities
Celebrities, sports personalities and other individuals in the public lime light oftentimes opt for flying by private jet attributing to a miscellany of causes such as safety, privacy and for sure security. Though individuals in this section might already have allowance to their own private aircraft, jet lease companies such as Paramount Business Jets provide these individuals with a cost-efficient substitute to private aircraft ownership while still keeping the high criteria of sophistication, service and safety that they would come to anticipate of private air transportation. In addition this Private air travel section comprises around 23% of the market and as such is an extremely aimed market for jet lease suppliers.3. Heads of State/Royalty/Government Officials/Diplomats/Politicians

Standardized as both business travelers and celebrities, royalty, government officials and politicians oftentimes have to apply corporate lease services for business productivity, safety and security. For regular travelers, it is really achievable that individuals in this section might already have allowance to other government aircraft and/or private jet possession. Disregarding about this, privates executive lease services oftentimes are a more cost-efficient way of private air transportation for these individuals once applying their own aircraft is not Private air travel choice.

4. High-net-worth Individuals
High-net-worth individuals are the most regular appliers of executive lease services and comprise 29% of the aim market. These individuals oftentimes either possess their own aircraft or apply jet lease Private air travel services only for both travel business and entertainment leases. As such, this market is aimed to a great extent by jet lease suppliers and individuals oftentimes attempt to get coziness, safety and sophistication more than other aspects such as disbursement. As steady clients and frequent travelers, individuals in this section are more probable appliers for private jet membership plans which in the end keep client loyalty and warrants repeat business.
5. Discontent Airline Passengers/Group leases

As rather improbable individuals for jet lease services, Private air travel discontent a\irline passengers and group leases only comprise 3% of the aim market. Yet, individuals that are discontent with airline services and those seeking group leases keep on stepping up.

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Private air travel