pre existing medical travel insurance

pre existing medical travel insurance

1. What befalls in case I got sick and medical adeptness insurance is bounded?

If it happens that the local medical adeptness are incapable of handling your condition, you or your treating doctor requires to link with our 24 Hour Emergency Support Organization straight off. We will afterwards draw the needed managements on your behalf, and set you up to be transmitted or carried to the closest adeptness where you can get medical care.

2. Who offers pre existing medical travel insurance Health Care International’s Emergency Support Service?

Our 24-hour International Emergency Support is offered by HCI 24/7, one of the most superior and most usable international emergency support constitutions all over the world. With advisors & doctors available worldwide, Health Care International is always available to assist you when you really demand our help.

3. How do I have to act pre existing medical travel insurance when I need non-emergency medical treatment?

Set up for your treatment with your doctor as you always do.

We demand an insurance arrogation form to be filled in for all treatment cases. It is a two sided form, demanding both you and your treating doctor to fill in assigned parts. It is most adept that you take this form with you to your assignment. At the time your treatment is accomplished, advance this form along with the main bills/invoices to our arrogations section for deferments.

4. Is pre existing medical travel insurance Pregnancy and Maternity care included?

Yes – Once you have been applying for our coverage for 12 months, both regular proceeds of maternity and complications of pregnancy are handled on all but our emergency asset program. We will devote 100% of rational and usual bills for inpatient and outpatient treatment, up to the extended program restrains.

You are afforded coverage for treatment of a medical condition that comes up during the first stages of pregnancy, or for complications that demand a distinguished obstetrical operation during childbirth. Cover is only offered for caesarean parts demanded on medical settlings. Optional caesareans and testing of sterility are not addressed.

5. Is pre existing medical travel insurance dental treatment addressed?

Yes – regular dental care is a basic lineament of our executive program and an elective surplus for all other programs. This welfare allows for protective and regular dental cover and comprises of, subject to policy bounds, the cost of dental crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

6. Is pre existing medical travel insurance practicing Sports addressed?

With the exclusion of hurts sustained as a straight outcome of being a skilled sportsman, there are no ejections associated with usual sporting activities unless the Healthcare International sends you a written appraisal.

7. What is Well Child Care implies and what does it address?

This insurance policy will devote for young children, up to the age of seven years, 100% rational and conventional bills for the child to see their doctor.

8. What isn’t addressed by pre existing medical travel insurance Health Care International?

For sure, there shall be tolls that we cannot cover. Yet, we attempt to maintain limitations to the lowest rank. These limitations include preceding medical stipulations during the Moratorium period and a list of common ejections that you will determine in almost all medical insurance policies, as elaborated under your program’s policy items and stipulations.

9. Why are there holding back periods on some pre existing medical travel insurance services?

Holding back pre existing medical travel insurance periods make some of our services secure the premium investment established by our current appendages. If we held no holding back periods for our dental/optical and pregnancy services, people could apply when treatment is needed, and arrogate for an unaffordable operation and set off their membership until additional medical support is required. This negligent act of membership would make premiums intensify at an unbelievable range.

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