Nith hotel

Nith hotel

For Southern Ontario, there is a new way to landscape painting known as the Painter’s Drift. This is a floating guided art class that grabs beautiful landscapes of the Grand River Valley using a brush!

The Painter’s Drift applies rafts to float in to an incomparable landscape to pass the day painting. The raft drifts are led trips applying secure but steady 14ft rafts that demand no qualifications to paddle. The art class does a pleasant float down the river to a landscape… Passes a day or half day painting with instruction… and then float out to pass away the point. The whole drift times to the Nith hotel landscapes alter from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.
Now six varied wilderness art classrooms are provided along the Grand & Nith River in Southern Ontario. The initial scene is the exalting Devil’s Cave, an interesting limestone rockery part on the Nith River. Further up the Nith is the second landscape, a high rock face with ancient trees hanging over the edge.
The last four Nith hotel scenes are situated on the Grand River. At the initial landscape the artist goes to an island to paint the cascading rock springs. Second are the concealed stone ruins of a 1860 grist mill covered in vines on the Grand River. The third selection is the charm of the open valley with the river wandering around an island. Last is the “Fallen”… A set of big boulders shored by 100 ft bluffs of cedars and pines.

The Painter’s Drift Class size is 7-10 people. Present scholars take their own art materials & medium. The classes are organized for all ages from the beginner to the professional. Art scholars can select from a complete day course to a half day course between May and October. The classes for individual landscapes are replicated at various times and seasons to address various Nith hotel lighting conditions and colour.

The guided artist is Jeanette Obbink from Nith Paris, Ontario. Jeanette specializes in oil and watercolour work. “Jeanette’s works are figurative with compositions, figures and colours that show her interest in nature and the environment”. In order to get a proof of Jeanette’s ability, her work can be determined at her on-line studio at

Considering those traveling from distant overnight Nith hotel lodgings can be determined in the cobble-stone town of Paris at the elegant 18th century Arlington Hotels or the close to countryside scene of the River Ridge Bed & Breakfast. This B&B can take up to twelve people and provides a loosening up open-air hot tub in front of the Grand River Valley.

The Painter’s Drift is a new way of Nith painting… Blending art, open air and pleasant rafting. Painters looking for something different will relish going through one of the most Nith hotel incomparable floating art classrooms in Southern Ontario.

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