Kashgar travel

Kashgar travel

The land Silk Road is among the most aged and most historically crucial commercial roads in the world, and works as a mark of the memory of active exchange and business among China and other boundaries. For many many years, the Silk Road was the line that connected the East with West.

At the western end of China Silk Road, Kashgar has been the stopping-off point for tourers for leastwise 2,000 years. As a China Muslim center, Kashgar is blessed by nature with desert, glacier and mountains.

Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar Sunday Bazaar and Abakh Khoia Tomb are just beautiful places in Kashgar. In case you are offered more time, you can discover Karakuri Lake outside Kashgar, which is an uncorrupted natural heaven with exciting natural view.
Kashgar Sunday Bazaar
There is a well-known saying that says: “Without visiting Sunday Bazaar, one cannot say he has visited Kashgar”. Kashgar Sunday market works seven days a week. Bazaars are the main feature of Kashgar travel experience almost every day. Streets are crowded with tall, blue-eyed old men in adorned hats. Women have headscarves and adorned red dresses and food is all around- shish kebab grilling, bread baking in large Kashgar travel clay ovens, watermelon sliced and sold off carts.
Here tourers can come across the handworks really being made in the workshops. At the shoes and hats market, the hats and boots on sale are made in the area.

Farmers from the suburbs of Kashgar come to the bazaar early in the morning, applying different ways of transportation, such as bicycles, motorcycles, tractors, trucks and donkey-drawn carts. The highways headed to Kashgar are jammed with those vehicles, trekking lovers on Sunday mornings and in addition to with a Kashgar travel large number of sheep. Once you walk along Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, it seems you have moved in time years backward.

Karakuri Lake

Karakuri Lake is located at the foot of an ice mountain east of Pamirs and lies 191 kilometers from Kashgar. The height of this lake is 3,600 meters, and a profundity of 30 meters. The lake is encircled by a number of mountains, and covered by white snow virtually all year round. Recognized as the father of glaciers, Karakuri Lake is an uncorrupted spot like Shangri-La with its exciting natural views.

There is grassland close to the lake and the grasses spring up luxuriantly. Shepherds from Kazak and Kerkuzi are oftentimes based here to herd sheep and castles.
There are likewise yurts and wooden houses, service center close to the lake which can provide support for Kashgar travel mountain climbers. The most effective time to plan for a visit is spring, summer and autumn. The Karakuri Lake is noted to be a perfect spot for Kashgar mountain-sight and tour.

Preferable Kashgar Tours:
Day 1: once you arrive at Kashgar, our local usher will meet you and take you to your hotel.

Day 2: now, you will relish a trip in this old area comprising the biggest Kashgar mosque in China-the Id Kah mosque, the Abakh Khoia Tomb ( Tomb of Xiangfei) which is the most Kashgar travel impressive and considerably kept Islamic architectural complex in Xingjiang, and in addition to the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar.

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Kashgar travel