Hotel satisfaction survey

Hotel satisfaction survey

It has been a hard time for the hospitality line of work. The dreadful conditions of September 11, 2001, resulted in a considerable reduction in pleasure travel. Just once business was coming back to ordinary hotel condition, the economy became worse, impelling both business and pleasure travelers to trim down their plans.
In travail to reduce expenses to handle the slump in Hotel satisfaction survey business, some hotels have brought down team work and got rid of some conveniences for guests. But at what limit do such reductions endanger guest gratification and result in even more loss in business? How can hotels keep client loyalty through concentrating on meliorating matters that guests actually are concerned about? Those are the important questions that hotels must think of as they attempt to restraint disbursements while simultaneously maintaining their guests gratified.
Being aware of what to reduce
In February 2009, research company TNS carried on a review of 2,500 adults to find out how reductions in hotel services might have impact on their selection of hotels. Particularly, the survey asked about five kinds of diminutions in services:
o brought down amusement, such as free in-room allowance to superior movie channels.

o brought down to-door services, such as in-room checkout and delivery of Hotel satisfaction survey newspapers.

o brought down personal support, such as assistance with luggage.

o brought down free conveniences, such as hand lotion or mouthwash.

o brought down hours for service for restaurants, hotel stores, or business centers.

The review determined that guests cared least about door-to-door services and personal help. As a matter of fact, most respondents claimed that removing these items would have no impact on their selection of hotels. As both of these services are staff-intensive, diminutions in these fields could result in considerable economies without endangering hotel loyalty.

The review likewise determined that the most important Hotel satisfaction survey field of danger would be bringing down free conveniences. More than third of respondents claimed that reducing survey conveniences would have impact on their selection of hotels.

This review asks about a wide array of matters, from facility of check-in to cleanliness of rooms. Many of these matters can be meliorated without considerable disbursement since they engage nothing more than an alteration in team attitude. As a matter of fact, hotel market research has shown that “employee performance” is the most crucial element guests think about in distinguishing one hotel from another. It likewise has a leading effect on client loyalty and repeat business.

Employee Hotel satisfaction survey performance comprises such matters as:

o Efficiency

o Friendliness

o Hospitality

o Courtesy

o Promptness

o Responsiveness

The unpleasant news is that late hotels gratification reviews indicate a considerable slump in these qualities. Due to, “Guests did not feel as welcome, and staff friendliness scores were down. Guests likewise felt less indulged and less pleased during their stay.” The estimable news is that hotels can alter this condition with a more effective dedication to client gratification and a somehow small Hotel satisfaction survey investment in team work training.

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