Hotel postcards

Hotel postcards

Why accumulate postcard of Ceylon? Since not many people practice this and it can be a profitable hobby.
Accumulating old postcards is entertaining – it’s amusive to chase them, interesting to analyze them, and a stimulating method to know more about the early days.

The early days? Indeed, for postcard accumulating to be profitable, you have to concentrate on a period when picture postcards were newly formulated. That implies the period at the turn of the 20th century, early 1900 to around 1920.
The pictures on postcard that go back to a hundred years ago are images of a different world.
In order to make your hobby even more stimulating, concentrate on a specific country or subject.
I recommend accumulating hotel postcards of Ceylon as the country no more exists with that name. It’s been called Sri Lanka since 1972, and attained independence from Great Britain in 1948.

Besides, as Ceylon was a famous port of call for steamships plying between Britain and Australia, passengers staying there for a few days (or even weeks) willingly looking for postcards to send to friends and family back home.

That’s led to hotel postcards of Ceylon coming out in several countries of Europe, in Australia, and even in the USA, so there is a great deal of sources to get hold of Ceylon postcards, even now.

Antique stores usually have some old postcards tucked away in shoe boxes. Don’t anticipate them to be classified in any way. You’ll just have to look through them all.
A trouble with accumulating something specific is that it is really Hotel postcards facile to drop off concentration and get straggled. It’s crucial once faced with a shoebox stacked with old postcards to focus on what you need. You’re accumulating Ceylon so don’t bother to purchase cards of the Andamans or India still appealing they might be.

In most antique stores you should be able to get postcards for a couple of dollars or a pound or two, unless they are extremely in demand, like a hotel postcards of a topless native girl (they are available) which would be more costly.

Other sources of Ceylon postcards are specialist map and print traders. You will likewise get hold of vintage postcards of Ceylon at the bouquainistes, those traders selling from boxes perched on the parapet walls of the Seine in Paris.You should likewise be able to determine them in antique stores in Sri Lanka, while it is improbable you’ll discover mint stock from the 1920s. Some might end up in the Hotel postcards libraries of tea plantation bungalows, neglected by the many occupants throughout the years. A new source, for sure, are web sites.

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