galapagos travel packages

galapagos travel packages
A marvelous place for those interested in nature and animals, the impressive Galapagos Islands have an extraordinary history and evolution. As they stayed away from humans for centuries, the islands and their wildlife developed in an exceptional way, with unusual animal species and vegetation. Even today, while men have come to live on the islands, the animals have stayed nearly galapagos travel packages dauntless and they live easily side by side with humans. This is the only spot in the world where you’ll be able to take your morning coffee on a terrace with a sea lion sunbathing right next to you, or a marine iguana resting in the trees above you.

The human history of the islands is simply as interesting as its natural one. The islands were discovered in 1535 by Tomas de Berlanga, the Bishop of Panama. His ship was swept off course on his way to Peru and he landed with his crew on the galapagos islands, but did not determine them to be concerned about men at all. He deemed the huge tortoises wandering around “Galapagos”, affording a name that would persist, to the archipelago.

The Galapagos initially emerged on maps in the 1570s. The archipelago includes a wide range of islands and islets of different size, each with a different name, weather conditions, animal species and galapagos travel packages history. Most of the islands were initially visited by pirates, who applied them as a hide-out and named them after English royalty and well-known captains. Attributing to the mist and fog that surrounds the islands during most of the year, many thought that they were bewitched.
The initial human settlement was established on Floreana Island in 1807 when an Irish man made the Galapagos its home. He stayed for a few years then returned to his country, leaving the archipelago uninhabited until the 1830s. They were still applied as a whaling base by British and American ships. In 1832, Ecuadorean General Jose Villamil established a colony including principally outlaws and prisoners, thus setting up the initial human settlement in the area. The archipelago was claimed by Ecuador when the galapagos travel packages country announced independence and proclaimed itself as a Republic. The islands were then afforded Spanish names besides their English ones.

Different settlements have followed throughout the years, along with stimulating legends and mysteries. As of today, the population is bounded to 3% of the islands’ land area so as to galapagos travel packages safeguard their extraordinary biosphere. A reckoned 18,000 to 21,000 people are now residing in the archipelago in 8 main settlements spread out on several of the biggest islands (San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana).

Individuals of different ages who have a real interest in nature, adventure and open-air expeditions might consider a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands are one area of the world that has stayed nearly untouched by humans. There are 13 leading islands and only 5 are occupied. They galapagos travel packages have impressive wildlife, fabulous scenes, different landscapes, and natural charm.

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