Galapagos Islands travel packages

Galapagos Islands travel packages

There’s just something about taking a boat ride to a piece of land away from the mainland that keeps on grabbing travelers to foreign lands. For that reason, Peru and Ecuador are the ideal Galapagos Islands places to experience for your South America vacation. Here are 2 island excursions to go for in these nearby countries.

The Ballestas Islands, Peru – virtually all Galapagos Islands travel packages travelers to Peru will determine themselves visiting Lima, the capital, at anytime. When you get there, why not experience a daytrip out to the Ballestas Islands? Directly to the coast of the calm fishing village of Paracas, the jumping point for the boat tours don’t exceed a 2 hour bus ride from the city, something that can be considerably set up as part of any Peru travel packages. The archipelago is considered as “the poor man’s Galapagos” for its miscellaneous wildlife colonies that comprise spectacular bird species and sleek black sea lions. Trips depart from the Paracas leave around 8 in the morning every day and take around 3 hours. Skilled guides will take you around the islands, many of them covered in white from the dense bird droppings, in addition to viewing the Galapagos Islands travel packages attractive Candelabra design the ancient people engraved into the side of the Peruvian coastal desert. Pay attention not to lean too far out of the boat when taking your pictures, yet, as the waters of Lima are freezing attributing to the Humboldt current and the spirits of Antarctica it takes north with it. The tour of the Ballestas Islands will end shortly before noon, so back on land, make use of Paracas’ beachside location and relish a plate of ceviche, the national dish of fresh raw fish marinated in lime juice and different spices, or maybe a slice of fried fish on rice. Reach the packages peak of ecstasy with an afternoon fresh Galapagos Islands travel packages squeezed fruit juice!

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – If you would prefer going for a real auspicious travel experience, then go to the Galapagos Islands owned by Ecuador. The islands are some of the most distant on earth, and it is simply due to its extraordinary location that a large number of endemic animal species consider the scatted pieces of land as their home. From bird miscellaneous to Galapagos Islands travel packages wildlife such as marine iguanas, sea lions, ancient turtles, and more, those obsessed with nature will certainly enjoy the Galapagos. The flight from Ecuador takes around 5 hours, and as you get there, you can relish a boat cruise around the islands or stroll along on land to get an even closer look at this faraway place in the world. Get instructed about the numerous in-progress environmental Galapagos Islands travel packages preservation projects and how you can contribute to stay ascertained these wonders of nature will last to future the generations.

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