Corporate travel tools

Corporate travel tools
Get information from any CFO of a travel business about what a 200K Executive should bestow to the Company… it’s going be more than 200K.

That’s known as a ‘Productivity element’… and everyone included in the org chart has one. And the more you make, the higher your Productivity element is. Since if they are just covering their ‘Salary’,… they won’t be acquirable for a while.
Last year 84% of U.S. business trips were regional and 80% of those were by car 200 – 400 miles driven one-way. It’s not necessary to tell you that passing 7-14 hours ‘On the Road’ simply for 1 travel business meeting is an unwise utilization of an executive’s time.

Particularly if they are paid in the 6-figures….

And nobody is interested in the idea of today’s airline travel with all the postponements, setting off, connections and general problems. It’s on everyone’s Corporate travel tools web site and lease sales reps have perpetual conversations about it.

So we can believe that everyone has come across the conventional phrase of ‘Marketing Pitch’ of Jet Charter and Air Taxi being more pliable, more accessible, more manageable and more profitable.

But just talking over it does not assist the CFO’s of the corporate world ‘rationalize’ it. Since once they consider the Corporate travel tools conventional Jet lease trip proposal, they consider the ‘Line item’ at the bottom line of a Jet Charter trip proposal; the expense of Jet lease.

And your conventional Jet lease proposal ‘Line item’ represented as is will all of the time amount to more ‘Dollar Cost’ than the substitute corporate travel through Car and Airline. So Jet lease trip proposal closing ratios are limited and the Corporate travel tools conventional substitute corporate travel options through Car and Airline are high.
But what if you had a QUANTITATIVE appliance to advertise your Jet lease service around a complete ROI business equation; tractability, facility, Productivity and TIME = real benefit. An appliance that you could proliferate out to selected Jet lease Corporate clients and prospective Jet lease prospects.

An appliance that would indicate the CFO’s of the world the divergence between detected ‘Dollar cost’ and ‘Realized economies’ once an executive’s ‘Productivity element’ is comprised in the business equation.

Here’s an example applying the pattern of regional car travel versus Jet lease travel. Let’s assume a few numbers into a Regional Car Travel versus Jet lease Simulator. When we hit account in this scenario it’s obvious that the conventional ‘price tag cost’ of a King Air 100 Jet lease travels is much higher than car travel ($2419 versus $384 cost for each traveler), once we proceed down the results rows into the Time and Productivity Corporate travel tools elements the opposite befalls.
Since once three executives commonly $150,000 in salaries can recuperate more than 18 cumulative hours of time, the ‘Time Machine’ economies with Employee Productivity value is $18,753.

And that’s not even preserving the hours being passed far from home attributing to Regional car travels time allotments and logistics. That $18,753 of ‘Time Machine’ economies is a direct element between hours recuperated and a planned employee Productivity element based by the Jet lease prospect Corporate travel tools business themselves.

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