cibc travel medical insurance

cibc travel medical insurance

1. Do you address the practicing of winter sports?

Yes – for up to seventeen days for each annual policy – and for no additional toll.

We likewise devote up to US$500 for unexpected loss to specific winter sports equipment. If you can’t practice your skis, boots or poles as a outcome for loss, stealing or harm, we will devote up to US$250 for renewal renting. We likewise devote up to US$150 for the tolls of reservation lift passes, rented skis and boots, and ski course bung’s that are set off as a outcome for being unable to ski attributing to a sickness or hurt.

We do not address the off-pissed skiing, ski-racing in leading outcomes, ski-jumping, ice hockey, or practicing bobsleigh’s or skeletons.

2. Are preceding cibc travel medical insurance conditions handled?

No preceding medical stipulations are handled through this travel program, this likewise comprises of birth in abilities and inborn mental defectiveness.

3. Is cibc travel medical insurance pregnancy addressed?

No – pregnancy is a medical stipulation not addressed through travel insurance. Travel insurance does not offer conceived medical handling or medical welfares. It is strictly for urgent conditions that take place when a person is outside his home country.

4. Is cibc travel medical insurance scuba diving included?

No – this policy will not be responsible for arrogations turning out from this, where the practice of under water breathing setup is needed.

5. Can I insure my kids too?

Kids below 18 can be included in the policy.

Kids below 16 have to be accompanied with an insured parent or tender.

6. How can I set up an cibc travel medical insurance arrogation?

In the case of an arrogation developing, you are required to link up with our office, who will assume the arrogations pattern to you. This has to be accomplished and all applicable primary papers to be affiliated.

7. How do I utilize the coverage?

The most facile and most rapid technique to acquire the insurance is through our website, The covering pattern can likewise be downloaded and printed from our website, or we will be glad to fax this to you or mail you a primary diligence pattern.

8. How can I devote for the cibc travel medical insurance policy?

We demand to get deferment before any policy papers are put out and the policy can be regarded. Hence, it is more facile to offer deferment by using credit card. If you require looking into different defrayment formulas, you had better link with our offices.

9. What currency can I use for paying?

Currency choices are US Dollars, Euros and Sterling. The benefit measures of the policy associate with the currency that you choose to devote with. For example, if you devote $157 for your policy, cibc travel medical insurance Delay is addressed for up to $3000. If you devote £157 for your policy, Travel Delay is addressed for up to £3000.

Disregarding the currency of the country that you visit, you will be deducted in the currency that you chose in the beginning to devote your premium with.

10. Can I set off my cibc travel medical insurance policy and get my money back?

We are confident that this cover will fulfill all your needs. Nevertheless, you are allowed for setting off within 14 days of purchase, in case you haven’t gone away from your trip or established an arrogation.

11. Does your policy handle events of terrorism?

cibc travel medical insurance program will address Personal Accident and Medical disbursements that take place as a cause of terrorist activity, in case the perturbations were not falling out at the beginning of your journey.

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