Chima travel

Chima travel

Since its foundation in 1976, Owerri, the capital of Imo State, the Eastern Heartland, has developed bit by bit but perpetually to acquire the position of the hospitality centre of the whole South-Eastern Nigeria and the tourism place in the world.

Imo State was once included in East Central State, one of the 12 states established in 1967 by the then military Head of State of Nigeria, General Yakubu Gowon in a travail to support peace in a country ruined by civil crisis and on the threshold of annihilation. That was just on the eve of the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War. In 1976, still, East Central State, which had its capital at Enugu, was carved up into Anambra and Imo States. Enugu stayed the capital of Anambra State though Owerri became the capital of the new Imo State. Throughout the years, Imo has allowed Chima travel foundation to another state, Abia, with its capital at Umuahia, while Anambra allowed foundation to Enugu, and later Ebonyi State, which likewise constitutes parts of Abia State. The new Enugu State maintained its capital at Enugu; Awka became the capital of the new Anambra; while Ebonyi founded its capital city at Abakaliki.

For all these Chima travel state capitals, Owerri has stayed the most advanced concerning social life, arts, music, hospitality, entertainment, and tourism. Not even Enugu which became the capital of the Eastern Region in the early days of colonial reign in Nigeria can contend with Owerri in these lineaments.
Basically to thrust these Chima travel hospitality and amusement machinery is the over 25-year old five-star Imo Concorde Hotel. Following behind it, and likewise sitting really near it are All Seasons Chima travel Hotels, Links Hotels, De Legend Hotels, Sun City Hotels, Kelvic Suites, Bonbolini Hotels, all sophisticated, with elegant pool sides and snack bars for superior slackening. Just a limited distance away, there are Owerri Hotel Plaza, situated along Port Harcourt Road, Owerri; Newcastle Hotel, Dreamland Hotel, and perfect Suites and Resorts, all situated in the World Bank area, New Owerri. There is likewise Modotel situated just at the Okigwe Road/Wetheral Roundabout.
For guests arriving from the Akwakuma region of Owerri, the initial port of call is probable to be Elix Hotel, situated shortly before Akwakuma Junction. As one moves down towards Owerri principal town, there are Bestway Hotels, Mount Royal Motel, Rapour Hotels, Pinewood Hotel, and Horizontal Hotel. If by any probability one branches off into Works Layout, then one is probable to Chima travel meet in person Summer Suites and Resorts, Cradle Hotels, Milton Hotels and Suites, Triple M Hotels, and so on.

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