buy travelocity mascot

buy travelocity mascot

It’s not unusual in our business to come across odd, if not absolute foolish styles in advertising. In recent time, we’ve noticed our share. Take the rugged still pointless and some would express as agitating, mascots for Burger King, Quaker Oats, and Travelocity. There’s something just not proper about seeing the Burger King in bed with a normal sleeping guy. What’s it all imply? Is Burger King coming out of the closet? In the meantime, the rugged Quaker Oat’s Quaker and Travelocity Yard Gnome (well, and by the way, the Yard Gnome initially emerged in Ford spots), simply come out all of a sudden without a preceding warning. Remarkable? Perhaps. Impressive at selling buy travelocity mascot product or establishing market share? A definite “No”. In each example, all three companies are experiencing small increases as a consequence for their agencies’ self-indulgence.

The latest trend is not really “difficult” or perceptible. As a matter of fact it’s about as opposite to perceptible as you might think. It’s the concept of ‘Possibilities.” It’s really popular in real time, and it’s been used by some of the most considerable brands available: Target, Ford, Campbell’s, Domino’s. Leastwise Domino’s apprizes you about what they imply by possibilities. You can set your selection of pizza with your selection of extras. You can create it using any method you need. Easy!

Regarding the other buy travelocity mascot companies? Let’s just say it’s not really easy.

Ford places the popular-for-a-day (well, a couple months perhaps) “American Idol” celebrity, Taylor Hicks on a catchy “Who Wants to be a Millionare” knock-off stage. He sings as if he’s going to burst a blood vessel concerning “getting what he wants, and getting what he needs”. It’s blaring and irritating like most terrible car advertising, but all of a sudden Taylor uses the word “possibilities” at the end of his song. What on earth…? Where’d that word be derived from? In addition to the fact that he says “possibilidees”, the word and more significantly the buy travelocity mascot idea is placed there without context — swinging there at the end holding back for an explanation that never shows up. Certainly, it seems to be interesting in there. It creates anticipation. The trouble is it doesn’t actually precisely reflect what that is.

Campbell’s Soups has a jingle for “possibilities”. They’ve taken their notorious “Mmmm, Mmmm, Good” and converted it into a soft rap “Mmmm, Mmmm, Possibilities”. The spot presents people on the go, eating Campbell’s. As the viewer you encounter soup and pleased people. But the buy travelocity mascot word “possibilities” has been used at the end of the jingle for you to fill in the travelocity gaps. I think if I wanted soup being offered to me by three dancing bears dressed in red satin on top of Mt. Everest to the tune of “I Like Big Butts”, that would be one of the possibilities.

Even the famous Target spots have been accountable for the travelocity “possibilities”. And like Ford and Campbell’s, the word “possibilities” is placed there at the end with no certain meaning or to the association with any other thing in the buy travelocity mascot spot.

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