business travel management companies

business travel management companies
Tread 1

Initially, take on an analysis of your ongoing businesses traveler purchasing. Anticipate to create savings of between 5%-10%. Besides, look at methods of creating meliorations to formulas and procedures. A traveler bid review is a significant chance to incite alteration.

Your suggestions should be written into a “Business Case” for taking on a travel bid.
Tread 2

Set up a provider prequalification document comprising the suggestions mentioned in stage 1. This will save you time as it keeps away the business travel providers who are not fitted to servicing your travel bid demands.

Most providers will extol their business travel management companies capabilities whilst neglecting the dangers to the business travel purchaser. The prequalification stage assists to ease your travel danger.
Tread 3, engages the design of the principal business travel bid document. It must cover financial and service aspects. Most business travel providers or travel management companies (TMC’s) provide standardized business travel management companies services.

You just need the most effective fit for your own company demands. This could be an international travel management company or a smaller niche operator. There is not a one size fits all approach and simply by asking perceptive and exposing questions will you confidently source a supplier most effectively fitted for your demands.

Tread 4

The assessment of a travel bid demands comprehensive analysis and we suggest you apply an appraising formula. The appraising assists to take away any subjectivity and comprises the value and effectivity to your own company demands.
The business travel management companies assessment is accompanied with a final report presenting the main discriminators from travel providers. The whole procedure is transparent and can be asserted for auditing companies intentions.

Tread 5,concentrates on the bargain of business contract terms and conditions, formulating a service level travel arrangement comprising principal performance indicators, and assisting with ultimate implementation.


The above is a simplified pattern of a business travel bid project plan. It can be assumed in a few short months. Applying this formula will ascertain that travel bid projects are delivered on time and within management budget.

If you’re to consider bidding your travel account, we can assist you by either taking on the whole project for you or training you through the procedure.

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