Bank of Montreal travel insurance

Bank of Montreal travel insurance

Review – just 15% of Credit Cards accessible At leading Canadian Banks comprise Emergency Medical Travel coverage
Several travelers think that they are sufficiently travel safeguarded by their credit card travel insurance coverage. As a matter of fact, most travel credit cards offer really limited coverage. Those companies that actually offer coverage seem to manage just non-medical emergencies such as common carrier accident, baggage coverage, or lease car collision coverage.

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Out of 26 credit cards just 4 provided emergency medical coverage criterion.

None of the emergency medical coverage programs handle elders who are 65 or older.

None of the loyalty credit cards accumulated for free flights provide emergency medical, trip setting off or trip disruption Bank of Montreal travel insurance coverage criterion.

A Note on Common Carrier Accident coverage- The literature we read from the credit cards advertised this coverage as a leading advantage. We think that this is the cause several Canadians erroneously think that they have travel medical coverage from their Bank of Montreal travel insurance credit card agencies. Common carrier Accident coverage only covers your family if a accident takes place when you are on the common carrier (flight, cruise, train, bus, etc.) or while driving a lease car. Besides, most credit card companies will cover you ONLY if you bought the tickets (or made reservation for your lease car) with the credit card that provides this coverage. We think that those consumers should be really aware once counting on travel insurance coverage and are demanded to look into the policy carefully before starting their trip.
Notes from researching credit card travel insurance coverage offered by the leading banks credit cards;
TD Canada Trust – VISA
None of the TD Canada Trust Credit Cards provide any kind of emergency medical travel coverage, luggage, or lease car collision, or trip setting off coverage.

Common carrier travel accident coverage is accessible in different Bank of Montreal travel insurance coverage levels.

RBC Royal Bank – VISA
It is insurance comprehensible the RBC has the most beneficial credit card travel insurance coverage comparing to all of the big banks in Canada. RBC coverage is a big travel coverage supplier to the travel agencies. So, they have more estimable base to suit travel coverage programs as included in its credit card advantages.
After illustrating all these, only the favored Bank of Montreal travel insurance credit cards with high yearly bungs and interest rates provide the emergency medical, trip setting off and trip disruption coverage criterion.

RBC Royal Bank emergency medical travel coverage accessible on its favorite credit cards does not handle card bearers of 65 age and more.


Standardized as RBC, CIBC only provides emergency medical and trip disruption on its Gold VISA credit card. The considerable sarcasm is that this is not CIBC’s extremely famous Aerogold® Visa card that enthusiastic travelers hold to make use of loyalty points that can be delivered for free travel. As a matter of fact, the Aerogold® card only provides common carrier accident, luggage, and lease car collision coverage Bank of Montreal travel insurance criterion.

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