annual travel medical insurance

annual travel medical insurance

Q. Will a business be able to cover various employees on a single policy, or does each employee require a policy of his own?

A. You can assign to the extent of 9 employees on one policy. In case you have more than 9 employees, you will be required to purchase more policies.

Q. Who becomes deducted if annual travel medical insurance arrogation is drawn ?

A. The company becomes deducted in the case of an arrogation.

Q. Can I get a reduced cost in the case of covered travels for less than 30 days and purchases an annual program?

A. The range provided on the Business Executive 30 is not limited to a deduction if you travel less than the 30 day limit.

Q. Are there policies accessible to an employee whose work is located outside the USA. ?

A. These annual travel medical insurance policies are only accessible to USA. dwellers.

Q. I stimulated a misapprehension while inserting my personal information, what am I supposed to do?

A. You can send an email to customer care to establish modifications in your policy. It’s preferable to mention your order number on all email correspondence.

Q. I did not get a transcript of my annual travel medical insurance policy till now. What shall I do?

A. If you chose to get your policy through email, you might wait 24 hours to receive it from the insurance constitution and determine any spam or junk mail folder for the email. If you chose to get your policy through postal mail, you might wait for 7-10 business days to obtain it from the insurance constitution. If you have not obtained your policy in the potential time, you can link up with our client support section and we will get the policy sent off again.

Q. How can I set off a annual travel medical insurance policy I purchased?

A. All setting off demands has to be established in written form. An email can be charged to customer care to demand for setting off.

Q. Do I have any financial obligations in order to set off my policy?

A. Insure My Trip does not demand any extra bung’s to set off a policy. Even though, most insurance constitutions will preserve positing a non-refundable executive bung.

Q. If I have a baby below 1 year, how do I inscribe his or her age on the annual travel medical insurance quote formula?

A. For kids below one year, inscribe zero or < one.Q. I will be using various addresses. What should I use for the basic address?A. The basic address is the location where you are going to drop most of your time during your journey.Q. I inscribed my family members ages into the quote screen. The quote demonstrated is issued for the entire family not for each person, right?A. Yes, the annual travel medical insurance quoted premium is the terminal toll for all traveler ages inscribed. The welfares represented in the quote are for each person's welfare limits unless marked by a red star.Q. Will I be allowed to view the annual travel medical insurance policy before purchasing?A. Yes, you can view all annual coverage inside information through clicking on the travel underlined terms in the Product compare or Quote pages. A box will come out displaying details about the welfares.

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annual travel medical insurance