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Folkestone was a small village in 1066 held principally of fishermen and farmers who were cultivating the tours lands possessed by the church at Canterbury. The town was really small that during the reign of I, there were only around 120 academy houses in Folkestone.

By the 18th and 19th century, Folkestone was developed into a tours soldier’s barracks for the Peninsula Wars and stone houses were built during this period. Now, it has become a crucial area with the linking Folkestone with Europe. As a matter of fact, the coast has an impressive view of France.

In addition to being a crucial fishing and shipping town, it is likewise base to the tours popular Folkestone Literary Festival that began in 2002. It has become one of the best art and in Britain. The channel academy tours comprises lectures by authors, book launches, live entertainment, , book swapping, poetry and book readings and .

The Folkestone Literary Festival generally starts in November 1 and goes through November 9. Tickets are demanded for some of the events but most of the activities are free to the attendants. There are channel academy tours activities and each year, a theme is chosen for the days’ activities.

o Themed Activities

In 2006, poetry was applied as a subject for the event in the festival comprising an Open Mic at The Chambers and a poetry and that presented various new and up-and-coming poets who present their works in the Leas Club.

In 2007, a History Weekend was marked from the 2nd to the 4th of the month with talks by David Starkey on Monarchy, London in the 19th Century with Jerry White, Great Tales from English History with and The Last Thousand Days of the with Peter Clarke.

o contests

The festival likewise includes Travel channel academy tours contests on various literary classes such as the short story and poetry contest. The contenders themselves are grouped in various age groups, from 5-11 years old to adult challengers. The contest is set up by the Friends of the Festival and it assumes entries from all across the world. Last year, competitors comprise writers form Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

o Performances, Movies and Exhibits

The Folkestone Literary Festival is in fact a really international event with film showings and art exhibits. There are art installations and gallery exhibits all over the town. Last year, a feature on the environment made-up the channel path for the showing of Al Gore’s documentary: An inopportune fact.

Other essential Travel channel academy tours activities in the Folkestone Literary Festival are the tours such as the Tours of the Folkestoen Academy, Creative Quarter and the Green Room. These tours provide many instructive and innovative activities for the literary fans. Besides the numerous sights, there are likewise bookstores and souvenir stores in addition to eateries spread around Folkestone.

The Folkestone Literary Festival has included a miscellany of target audience and further engages families and even kids with different activities full of entertainment and agitation. Last year, the Travel channel academy tours festival presented storytelling day for families, family day, and reading sessions for kids.