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Sunstones are created in melted lava and determined in that have erupted from volcanoes. Once the lava rock is affected by or broken up the sunstone crystals are shown. Sunstone is a clear, yellowish labradorite determined as crystals in these . Crystals can be clear, pale yellow, soft pink, blood red, deep blue and green coloration. Some sunstone crystals will have bands of various colors all over. This color miscellany is induced by altering amounts of small crystals of copper. The more colorful or darker stones comprise bigger amounts of copper.

They are determined all across the Travel channel cash and treasure world but the stones that are big sufficiently to cut for jewelry are usually determined in Oregon. Crystals as big as 3 inches across have been determined but usually array from 1/8 to 1 inch long. Oregon is likewise the only place in the world that this material is determined with copper in it and in 1987 it was announced the official of Oregon.

Rough sunstones will array from around $400.00 to $500.00 a carat and for an estimable cut and polished one can sell for over $1,000.00 a carat counting on the size, color, clarity, and cut. In 2006 the travels channels aired a show around the from the Cash and Treasures series. One of the sunstones determined during filming, after it was cut and burnished, was over 10 carats and was Travel channel cash and treasure sold to a couple in Oregon for $5,200.

Oregon sunstones are determined only in the distant high desert of Lake and Harney . The U.S. has demonstrated a free, public accumulating area in eastern Lake County which is close to . Until recently, this was the only Travel channel cash and treasure notable occurrence of the gem quality cash sunstones determined in the United States.

The geology of Harney and Lake county is auspicious for the discovery of more deposits of these fine gem stones and recently various more mining claims have been established in the northern and southeastern area of Harney county. These producing areas are not accessible for public accumulating without admission of the claim proprietors.

Sunstone Knoll south west of town of Delta, Oregon is allowed for the public and is free. The most estimable time to look for sunstones is just after rain storm. Sunstones will shine in the sunlight and can be determined on the ground on the east side of the knoll. The gem stones generally Travel channel cash and treasure array from 1/8 to 1 inch but bigger stones have been determined.

The Spectrum Sunstone Mine is a 20 acre privately possessed patented mining claim situated 27 miles northeast of Plush, Oregon which is allowed for the public between May 15 and November 1. Go through a pile of fresh raw ore for free all day with mine personnel to get instructed about how to locate these fine gem stones. Supplemental days are accessible for $50 per day per person. Winter mining is the allowed but only through in Travel channel cash and treasure advance arrangements. You might call 775-830-5797 for more details.