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Golfing in Blackpool on a Stag Weekend

Concerning your stag weekend this year, have think about taking a round through the fairway and going golfing whilst the weather’s still pleasant in England. Let’s suppose that you are fed up with stag weekends, but you don’t need to spend the whole day at a pub and use up your energy for a big night ahead. Golfing is a well-method to spend a stag weekend; it’s almost like doing some exercise, but a lot more fun. Concerning those who don’t need to get themselves dirty in quad biking or hurt themselves in paintballing, golfing is a great method to pass time with the guys talking and having fun and taking in the beautiful blackpool . It can’t all be quiet on a stag weekend however, and that’s’ why we suggest that your Premier travelodge blackpool practice this loosened up activity along with the party of Blackpool. You might get a sense of after a walk round 18 during the day, but the night time will surely be much more spirited!

Why golf?

No matter if, you’re a professional, beginner or should be keeping to the , golfing on a stag weekend isn’t so much about Premier travelodge blackpool ability as having with your mates. You might have people on your stag group who have never met one another before and a golfing break is an impressive method for people to get together and chat with each other before hitting the bars at night.

Why Blackpool?

Blackpool is an for travelers in the summer, with visitors running to this in the summer for joy and amusement. If you need a cheesy, flashy, temerarious and spirited night out, then Blackpool is for you. It’s really stag and hen friendly with an anything goes attitude, and dressing up is all of the Premier travelodge blackpool time received comfortably in Blackpool. From pleasurable hours, to karaoke bars, a night out in Blackpool is all about having good time. It’s facile to get there by train or car either by the M55 motorway or through taking a train to Blackpool North train station.

Where to spend the night

In case you’re staying in Premier travelodge blackpool central lodging on your stag weekend, then Blackpool is actually the way to go for you. The principal hub of pubs and clubs are comprised within the roads of Talbot Road, Cookson Street, church Street and the Promenade. Regarding your town central chain pubs, Talbot Road is host to famous stag and hen places like O’Neills and Yates’s Wine lodge, where you can make certain you’ll get extraordinary drinks deals. Besides the Promenade and Market Street, you’ll determine some extremely suggested Premier travelodge blackpool pubs for stag and hen parties such as The Boardwalk and Beach Tavern on the Promenade and Brannigans on Market Street in addition to Cahoots which has a glass dance floor!